Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Books are the Gateway towards our better life!!!

 Learning is a significant process in human being life. Books are an invaluable source of knowledge with infinite benefits. 

Books are a source of knowledge whether it be fiction or non-fiction books. When you read or just look at pictures in a book, you are learning something new in your life. It is through books that our lives are changed for the better always. There can never be anything wrong with reading a book. They guide us into a new world/universe that we never saw before. This is always a good cause to have as part of thyself. 

When reading or looking at a book there is the idea of the brain taking in the knowings of that book, all of it. You may not know this but it is likely that the brain is always sensing all that is in the book, from the very first page opened. Books give oneself the truth of any topic sought after. 

The more you study that topic, the more you will find through books. It can be the beginning or middle or end of you seeking of knowing about a topic. In the end you will know all that you want to know of a subject. 

There is never any limit to the amount of which one reads or looks at books. It is all up to you to decide what is to come of it in the end. When one decides to end it it is another chapter in ones life to be done. 

Books are a very big part of all our lives from the time we are born to the day we die. The ideas that come to me about books are in themself endless. It seems that the more I think of this topic, the more comes to me about it in the final end. This can be a great source of nutrition for the whole self. 

Again, this is to begin with your earliest days to that of when you leave this world, through death. I think that is one of the main reasons why parents read books to their children. This can help them build strength in both mind and body. In so doing this one becomes closer to their parents and parents do the same for their children. It is a real bonding experience for all involved in this activity. One that will go on for the remainder of all, throughout life. 

The concept of books was one of the greatest inventions ever to come to mankind. It is one that has transcended many generations and times but, still remains the basic sameness as it always has. The stud of books in any form has resulted in a much more advanced society than that which has ever been possible in the past. Should this continue, the world will go forward to an end that is the most advanced society possible for this realm we call earth. As we grow through this idea of books we will become the best that we can ever become in the present world. 

There is no other society that has never achieved such an entity as the one of people and their books. Above all else that has ever come about in this world, it is the book which has brought more changes to the whole universe than, any other invention of man. As more advances come into being with books, this will continue to change. People love books from the time that they are young and this is one thing that will never change for all of society. It is a true love of all peoples.

I was always inclined towards writing. I tried by hands on writing and gathered courage to bring in front of the world. 

Books are life.

Have you had days when you were feeling low, you would've probably fought with a loved one or you just felt like you are not good enough? Have you had days when you've been ill or you just want to snuggle in bed and do nothing?
During those times BOOKS are the entities that have provided many people succor.

BOOKS, according to me are :

~Medicine for a broken heart
~An entry to the world of fantasy and imagination
~and will always be my best friend
~our connection to a world that may or may not exist
~the only things that will NEVER betray us at any point in time
~our learning gateway
~our BEST FRIENDS through all stages of life (along with Dogs, of course).This has been stated a million times over by one and all.
~an invaluable source of knowledge
~Designed to suit your every taste and mood. You get to decide what you want to read.
~a collection of words,thoughts, emotions and stories that remain etched in our memory and leave a lasting impression in our lives.
~Variety and variety is the spice of life.

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